Solar Panel Roof- Hanger Bolts (Part-3)


Solar hanger bolts are designed for trapezoidal / zinc / corrugated / sandwich metal roof profiles. Our solar hanger bolts are a SUS304 fasten parts to fixed rails and roofing mountings. Two length 200mm and 250mm options can be suitable for adjust distance between brackets / L foot rails and metal roofing.


Hanger bolt lits includes : stainless steel bolt , nuts, EPDM rubber and fasten L foot / small stainless plate …


Hanger bolts can be pre-assembled with listed parts which consist of : one hanger bolts, 3 collar nuts with riffle, 1 washer, 1 SUS 304 plate with long slot , EPDM nodes .


This solar roof fasten bolts can be well used with adapter plates, L-feet for solar mounting and racking systems.


Advantages for Double Thread Screw as follows:


1. Easy and fast to install.

The design of the double thread screw is designed to facilitate customer understanding and installation.


2. SUS 304 Material

Highly corrosion resistant surface treatment.


3. EPDM rubber can be effective waterproofing.


4. Perfect for timber and steel substructure.

With a wide range of different sizes available in stock, it doesn’t matter if your project involves timber or steel substructures, we can help you find the best fit for your project.


Installation Guide :

Components includes for roof fastening with our hanger bolt kits, double hanger bolts, L bracket, mounting rails, mid / end clamps .

(1) Pre-drilled hole on metal roofing profile and wood rafter ;

(2) Screw in hanger bolts , the EPDM seal should slightly compressed roof surface ;

(3) Adjust adapter plate to proper height, then fasten locking nuts well ;

(4) Mounting aluminum rails and rail splice ;

(5) Mounting mid / end clamps.


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Post time: Nov-28-2023