Requirements for maintenance of the correct material for self drilling screw

Self drilling screw is a mechanical base part, which is in great demand. Usually, bolts, screws, rivets, etc., in order to ensure safety or generally do not need to consider the influence of temperature, bad environment or other dangerous working conditions. Common materials are carbon steel, low alloy steel and non-ferrous metals. But in particular occasions, fastener materials need to meet the conditions of severe corrosion or high strength, there are many stainless steel and ultra high strength stainless steel emerged. The following six problems should be paid attention to when using and maintaining the drilling tail wire:
1. The process of rinsing the drilling tail wire is very urgent and needs to be very careful. During the process, there will be residues on the surface of the drilling tail wire. This step is to rinse after the silicate cleaner is washed.
2. During the tempering process, the stack should be merged, otherwise slight oxidation will occur in the quenching oil.
3. White phosphide residues will appear on the surface of high-strength screws, indicating (point 1) that the inspection is not careful enough during operation. 4. The blackening phenomenon on the surface of parts produces chemical reverse application, indicating that the heat treatment is not done thoroughly and the alkaline residue on the surface has not been completely removed.
5. Standard parts will rust in the rinsing, and the water used for rinsing should be changed frequently.
6. Excessive corrosion indicates that the quench oil has been used for too long, and it needs to be added or replaced.

Post time: Jun-28-2020