Chipboard Screw (Part-1)


The Chipboard Screw is also called  Screw for Particleboard or Screw MDF. It’s designed with a countersunk head ( usually a double countersunk head), a slim shank with an extremely coarse thread, and a self-tapping point.


The countersunk/ double countersunk head: The flat-head makes the chipboard screw stay level with the material. In particular, the double countersunk head is designed for increased head strength.


The thin shaft: The thin shaft helps to prevent the material from splitting


The coarse thread: compared with other kinds of screws, the thread of the screw MDF is coarser and sharper, which digs deeper and more tightly into the soft material such as particleboard, MDF board, etc. In other words, this helps more part of the material to be embedded in the thread, creating an extremely firm grip.


The self-tapping point: The self-tapping point makes the screw of particle boar more easily driven into the surface without a pilot drill hole.


Besides, the chipboard screw may also have other features, which are not necessary but might improve the fastening processes in some applications:


The ribs: The ribs under the head help to cut away any debris for easy insertion and makes the screw countersink flush with the timber.

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Post time: Dec-04-2023