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2024.07.01 Self Drilling Screws DD Fasteners: Your Trusted Partner for Premium Screws – Summer Sales Now On



Product Overview:

Hex head self-drilling screws allow you to drill without the need for a pilot hole, making them ideal for joining materials such as sheet metal.


Material: C1022 with hardened treatment, SUS 304/316/316L, Bi-Metal
Standards: ISO15480, DIN7504, AS3566, ASTM.
Head Types: Hex washer head, hex flange head.
Finish: White, yellow, blue zinc coated, galvanized, zinc-nickel alloy coating, black oxidized.
Assembly Options: Steel bonded washer, stainless steel bonded washer, PVC washer, stainless steel hex cap, umbrella-type washer, nylon cap.
Diameter Range: 3.5mm – 7.1mm.
Length Range: 13mm – 450mm.
Certifications: CE, ISO9001:2015.
Features and Benefits:

High Strength: Made from hardened carbon steel, providing excellent pullout strength to securely hold roofing sheets and other materials.
Waterproofing: Equipped with sealing washers to prevent water penetration, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Corrosion Resistance: Commonly coated with anti-corrosion finishes to extend the lifespan of the screws, even in harsh environments.
Versatile Application Points: Different points for various applications, including sharp points for easy screwing with minimal damage and drill points for hard metal structures.
Color Options: Available in various head colors to match specific applications and aesthetic requirements.
Precision Drilling: Can be drilled near the edge of roofing sheets without causing damage, providing flexibility in installation.
Longevity: Designed for long service life, ensuring durability and reliability in your projects.
Application Scenarios:

Construction: Ideal for securing metal roofing sheets, siding, and other building materials, offering reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions.
Manufacturing: Suitable for joining sheet metals in industrial manufacturing processes, providing strong and durable connections.
Home Improvement: Perfect for DIY projects, providing an easy-to-use solution for home repair and improvement tasks.
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