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2024.06.30 Self Drilling Screws DD Fasteners Summer Sales: Premium Color Paint Hex Washer Head Roofing Screws



Key Features and Functions:
Superior Mechanical Performance:

Enhanced Torsional Toughness: Our roofing screws exhibit exceptional torsional strength, ensuring that they withstand significant stress without compromising their structural integrity.
Higher Pull-Out Strength: These screws are engineered to provide a robust hold, making them ideal for demanding applications.
Aesthetic Excellence:

16mm Extra-Large Washer Design: The screws feature an oversized washer paired with EPDM rubber, which not only enhances waterproofing capabilities but also ensures lasting durability.
Color Matching for Various Panels: Available in a variety of colors to perfectly match different types of panels, these screws enhance the overall visual appeal of your construction projects.


Outstanding Corrosion Resistance:

Special Anti-Corrosion Treatment (RUSPERT): Our screws undergo a unique RUSPERT anti-corrosion process, which includes multiple protective layers on the hex cap and washer. This treatment offers superior resistance to strong acids and alkalis.
High Salt Spray Resistance: These screws have passed neutral salt spray tests, enduring up to 1500 hours without rusting. In natural environments, they can last over 50 years without corroding.


Application Scenarios:
Hex Head Self-Drilling Screw with Flange:

Large Bearing Surface: The hex head with flange provides a broad bearing surface, protecting the connecting material during installation.
Metal-to-Metal Applications: Ideal for securing roofing to metal frames, ensuring a strong and reliable connection.
Waterproof Sealing: The EPDM bonded washer offers excellent sealing properties, effectively preventing water leaks.
Versatile Color Options:

These screws are perfect for outdoor decorative applications, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. Their various color options allow for seamless integration with different design elements, enhancing the overall appearance of your projects.


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