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2024.06.14 DD Fasteners - World's Best Fibre Cement Screws


Product Overview

DD Fasteners proudly presents its premium line of Fibre Cement Screws, specifically designed to offer superior performance without the need for pre-drilling. Our screws are engineered with a precision-sized point that rapidly drives through fibre cement material without blunting or over-enlarging the fixing hole, ensuring a secure and durable fit. Additionally, these screws can self-drill into timber and pierce steel (up to 1.0 BMT) and other hard materials effortlessly.


Composition and Material
Our screws are crafted from high-strength steel, providing the necessary robustness to handle demanding applications. The head features a large flat wafer profile for maximum surface area fixing, complemented by underhead ribs that allow the screw to self-countersink, ensuring a flush finish on the board.

Surface Treatment
Each screw undergoes our exclusive Screw Armour ceramic coating process, which offers corrosion protection that lasts six times longer than traditional galvanizing. This coating provides maximum resistance against damp and wet conditions, making our screws ideal for use in treated timbers and other environments where moisture is a concern. The lubricated finish also facilitates easier and faster driving, enhancing overall efficiency.


Functional Features
No2 Square Drive: Ensures consistent high torque driving, reducing the likelihood of cam-out and providing a secure grip.
Free Driver Bit: Each box/pack includes a 1 x 50mm driver bit to ensure you have the right tool for the job.
Head-Stamped Design: Features a circular key that aids in the bonding of finishing materials such as adhesives, plaster, and fillers.
Coarse Hi-Lo Threads: Designed for maximum pull-up with high pull-out resistance, offering flexibility for use in various materials like timber, steel, and plastics.


Application Scenarios
Our Fibre Cement Screws are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications:

Fast Fixing of Villaboard and Tile Backer Boards: Ideal for interior installations where a secure and durable fix is essential.
External Claddings: Perfect for attaching products such as Blueboard and Hardie Plank, providing stability and strength.
Flooring and Decking Products: Ensures a robust and reliable fastening solution for both residential and commercial projects.
General Fibre Cement Sheets and Panels: Whether for walls, ceilings, or other structural applications, our screws offer the reliability you need.


No Pre-Drilling Required: Saves time and effort by allowing direct driving into materials.
Corrosion Protection: Long-lasting ceramic coating ensures screws remain intact and functional even in harsh conditions.
High Strength and Durability: Engineered from high-strength steel, our screws maintain their integrity under heavy loads and demanding applications.
Versatile Use: Suitable for various materials, including timber, steel, and plastics, making them a go-to choice for multiple projects.
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Experience the unparalleled quality and performance of DD Fasteners Fibre Cement Screws – the ultimate choice for your fastening needs.